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Why You Should Buy an E-Bike

E-bikes are growing massively in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many reasons why e-bikes are beneficial to a wide range of people, and how they can make commutes easier and quicker. If you need further convincing, here’s a list of reasons why an e-bike might just be the cycling fix you’re looking for.

Further, faster, longer, more!

E-bikes do offer you many of the same benefits as riding a regular bike does, but you have that added oomph of motor, meaning you can travel further, faster and for longer. Our e-bikes have a Samsung battery 36V 10.4Ah, which gives you up to 45km range on battery power alone, and 65km with pedal-assist. E-bikes allow you to go faster than regular cyclists, and in some cases cars, especially during a commute in rush hour by winding through traffic.

Whether it be the fun or the practicality of an e-bike, they’ll get you cycling more. According to the Transport Research Laboratory, 46% of regular bikes were being used just once a week, whereas 81% of e-bike users ride their e-bikes once a week.

Keeps you fit

Following on from the last point, because you’ll be riding more, you’ll also be pedaling more, even if the motor is assisting on occasion. Pedalling keeps your heart, lungs and blood pressure healthy. Multiple studies have shown the health link between regular exercise and reduced stress and anxiety levels. E-bikes are remarkably beneficial for people who want to get their fitness levels up and need the assistance of an electric motor, whether this is due to age or illness, the motor can help where it needs be. Our e-bikes have 3 levels of power assistance that provide up to 25km/h, so you can choose where you need it most.

Saves you money

Our e-bikes are priced at £995. While the upkeep costs for consumable part repairs, like chains and tires, are similar to running a regular bike, the bikes are still far cheaper than buying and insuring a car, let alone the added price for fuel. E-bikes are also better value for money than paying for a season parking ticket or season ticket on public transport. As for changing the bike’s battery, it’ll cost you pennies on top of your electricity bill.

Great for commuting

Not only do they save you money commuting, but they help you avoid the annoyance of waiting in traffic or sitting amongst overcrowded trams or buses. Even though it’s technically a motorised vehicle, you don’t need a license and you can still use cycling lanes. Due to the motor and the different levels of assist, you can guarantee that by using an e-bike to commute, you won’t end up arriving at work sweaty and red.

Safer than a regular bike

Most cycling accidents take place at junctions or roundabouts, and it is often down to that fact that a paused cyclist needs those few vital seconds to build up speed - especially on an incline. Having the added motor power on an e-bike helps you accelerate to get out of danger’s way faster. It also means you’ll be more willing to slow down for corners and bends too because you can use the bike’s motor to accelerate afters. With a top speed of 25km/h, you’ll be able to keep up with traffic flow better, and vehicles will be less likely to overtake you, resulting in safer cycling.

Easier for hill climbs

This is where e-bikes thrive. As our bikes are fitted with e-bikes have 3 levels of power assistance, you can choose which power mode you require to assist your pedalling. Even at the steepest hill, if you crank your bike’s motor to its highest setting, you should breeze uphill and find the incline effortless. It’s one of the main reasons why e-bikes are growing so popular amongst mountain bikers, as it allows them to spend extra time negotiating the fun downhills over the less-fun climbs.

They’re huge fun

Lastly and most simply, riding an e-bike is very fun to do, it’s similar to riding a regular bike but with the extra power of the motor. Once you engage it, you'll get up to ten more pedal strokes for your money.

Whether you’re looking to purchase an e-bike for leisure or for your work commute, they will benefit your daily life, health, and bank as you use them. If you’re looking to purchase an e-bike today, visit our website here, and get yours today for £995 within 2 working days with free delivery.


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