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Riding emissions down with E-bikes

Read how E-bikes have the potential to substantially ride down total gas emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions, be gone!

Cycling republic looked into the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by vehicles such as cars, trains and buses and compared them to the emissions created by e-bikes. The data discovered that e-bikes account for their emissions created during production within its first 1000kms of use. In fact, E-bikes were found to be ‘18 times more energy-efficient than an SUV/ 4x4’, according to a recent study in America.

E-bikes are also beneficial to noise pollution, as well as their advantages towards gas emissions. If most people switched to E-bikes, it would make for a much quieter and pleasant environment for commuters.

It’s pretty safe to say that E-Bikes seem positive for whether that be for the environment or our ears, but many environmentalists are encouraging people to use E-Bikes for more than their usual activities, such as sports and recreation. Using E-Bikes on the daily commute in place of cars and buses would be even more advantageous for the environment.

E-bikes are on the up

In 2018, Bike EU reported that the UK alone saw a 50.6% increase in e-bikes, with an additional 67,300 imported from the previous year. This particular stat suggests that e-bikes are becoming seemingly more popular within the UK alone.

If e-bikes are becoming more popular, we can hope that people start to switch out their car to this eco-friendly type of transport and the environment will start to reap the benefits.

To read more about e-bikes and their benefits on the environment, visit our blog

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