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Top tips on how to get back on your e-bike after a knee replacement

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

When having a knee replacement, people are always concerned about if they’ll be able to ride a bike again after the surgery. The answer is yes. Getting back to riding a bike is actually a great way of physical therapy, an e-bike is an even better option as you can control the stress you place on your knee. This blog will go over tips that can help you recover and get back on your e-bike after a knee replacement.

Become active

After the first few weeks of rest and ensuring there has been a decrease in swelling, getting moving is an important step towards rehabilitation. Make sure to follow the advice given to you by your physical therapist. The sooner you become active the sooner you will be back to cycling.

Work your way up to cycling

The key is to work up to cycling, take it slow and steady. A range of motion is a critical part of your recovery, using a stationary bike is a great way to improve motion and prepare yourself to get back on your e-bike. It is very important that you talk to your doctor and physical therapist as to when is the best time for you to start using a stationary bike. When using your stationary bike, ensure that it’s set up perfectly for you. Your knee should be straight down with a slight bend and resting on the pedal. Create a routine, slowly pedal for a few minutes each day and your motion will improve quickly.

The next step is to achieve a full range of motion, when your knee is able to bend about 90 degrees, you should be finding the stationary bike easier to manage. It might be time to consider adding light resistance to help improve the strength of your muscles, if you do start to feel pain in your knee, make sure to decrease the resistance.

Outdoor Cycling

After around 6 weeks of riding your stationary bike, your doctor and physical therapist may give you the all-clear to begin to cycle outdoors. If you’re starting outdoor cycling, be sure to take it slow and carefully. This is where e-bikes come into themselves, you can have the bike assist you at its highest level allowing you to ease yourself in and not to cause stress or pain in your knee.

If you are eager to get back to cycling after a knee replacement, an e-bike could be the way forward. This is because the e-bike is here to assist you as much as you need, allowing you to keep active and keep movement in your knee. If you’re thinking about getting back into cycling be sure to check out our blog ‘Getting into cycling’ now.

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