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Get your hands on an E-bike through Cycle to Work Schemes

‘Cycle to Work’ schemes have long been part of the Government’s drive to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep the nation fit. Most employers in the UK offer the scheme to their employees as a method to get a bike or e-bike at a reduced price. Commuting with a PowerRide e-bike means you can dodge the rush-hour traffic and avoid paying for petrol too!

The Benefits:

Cycling to work has seen so many benefits, not only for the individuals commuting but also for business and society as a whole. On an individual basis, the employee has the opportunity to stay active and healthy all while using a cheaper mode of travel. For businesses, there is enhanced productivity and an improved footfall in shops, and for the community as a whole, it means lower congestion and better air quality.

We at Powerride know the health benefits of cycling are substantial. According to the Department for Transport, illness as a result of physical inactivity costs the NHS up to £1 billion per annum, proving just how important cycling to work scheme can be.

The Government set out in their Cycle to Work ‘Guidance for Employers’ report released in June 2019 that they want Cycle to Work schemes to “continue to attract new cyclists and are as inclusive as possible”. This is where E-Bikes come in! They are inclusive of everyone, no matter how old you are or your fitness level and are already doing their bit for the environment.

How does the Cycle to Work schemes work?

Firstly you should check with your employer as to whether they are eligible and are already running the scheme. Once you’ve got a quote for your e-bike, the scheme will then send an invoice for the bike, and a hire agreement is sent to you to sign.

The payments will then be deducted from your gross monthly salary. Then when the hire period is finished, you will pay a Fair Market Value payment to own the bike outright yourself.

The Cycle to Work schemes and their benefits have been so valuable to people across the UK since they were introduced way back in 1999. They have encouraged 1.6 million commuters to make environmentally friendly, healthier lifestyle choices, and the scheme has involved over 40,000 employers across the country.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about Cycle to Work schemes and the benefits of riding an e-Bike, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Alternatively, head over to our website for more information and shop your e-bike today!

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