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Reasons why students and e-bikes go hand in hand

Students across the world have been embracing e-bikes as they are a fun and cost-effective way to travel and enjoy their uni life. This blog is going to give you 3 great reasons why students and e-bikes go hand in hand.

1. Money-saving

The cost of running a car, paying insurance and paying crazy city parking fees can be overwhelming and something a student can’t afford. You can get an e-bike for just £995 on our website, there is no MOT, no petrol cost and they are a lot more fun.

2. Explore your new city

If you’ve moved to a new city to study, it’s time to get exploring. Your uni days will fly by and 3 years on you’ll realise you’ve not actually seen most of the city that you’ve lived and studied in. That’s why e-bikes are a great way to explore, you won’t need to pay for public transport and you’ll see parts of the city you never knew existed.

3. Cycling makes you smarter

Many studies show that exercise such as cycling helps reduce stress and helps increase the circulation in your brain helping create more connections between its neurons. Over time, this will increase your brain's capacity for learning. Not only this cycling will keep you both physically and mentally healthy.

If you’re heading to uni and are worried about money but want to have fun and explore the city, getting an e-bike is for you. If you would like to find out more about why e-bikes are great for the younger generation check out our blog ‘4 reasons why the younger generation are beginning to embrace e-bikes’.

Head over to our website and shop your e-bike today!

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