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Electric Bikes: Good exercise or convenient transport?

Have you ever wondered if riding an electric bike to work counts as actual exercise rather than a simple mode of transport? If you ride an electric bike correctly, it can provide a good method of exercise. E-cycling can allow you to complete your commute faster whilst also elevating your heart rate enough for a meaningful workout.

However, it has been noted that the benefits of e-cycling depend on how some people’s bikes were adjusted and how they also adjusted to the bikes themselves. Now that restrictions are loosening and offices are re-opening, many people will likely be considering e-bikes as an option due to public transport starting to fill back up.

More swift, less sweat

Most e-bikes assist riders a small amount which usually ceases once the bike reaches a rough speed of about 30km/h. Essentially, e-bikes are designed to make your bike rides a lot less taxing, which could mean that commuters arrive at their destinations more swiftly and with a lot less sweat. E-bikes can also provide a psychological boost, such as helping people feel much more capable of tackling hills that they may have usually avoided.


Most people find e-bikes zippy. Depending on which assistance level you use, riders can cover 5km several minutes faster than they can on a normal bike. Which many people have reported that e-bikes feel a lot easier than a normal bike too. Although the e-bike still increases the heart rate enough to qualify as moderate exercise. So, e-cycling could contribute to cyclists health and fitness.

Overall, to increase your potential health benefits the most, keep your pedal assistance level low. Additionally, to stay safe, try practising riding a new e-bike or a standard bike on a lightly trafficked route until you feel secure enough in your bike handling. You should wear bright and visible clothing and always ensure you’re commuting wisely.

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