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5 tips to achieving your New Year's fitness goals

January 2022 - It’s time to focus on your New Year's resolutions. Follow these five simple steps to help you achieve your fitness goals and get long term success rather than throwing in the towel before Easter comes round.

1. Determine Your Readiness

Before beginning your journey, you need to make sure you're both physically and mentally ready to start an exercise program. Possibly discuss with your doctor, that you are wanting to begin a fitness regimen and you want to make sure you're healthy enough to start.

Once you’re physically ready, it’s time to consider your mental readiness. Ask yourself some questions, how confident are you about starting your fitness journey? How likely are you to stick with it?

You are more likely to succeed if you:

  • Are confident in your exercise ability.

  • Receive encouragement and are supported by those around you.

  • Are doing a form of exercise you actually enjoy.

2. Create a Plan

Create a plan for your fitness journey. Firstly, identify at least three days and times that are convenient for you to exercise and stick with those days so you are working out at the same time each week. Second, decide what kind of exercise will you do? The best type of exercise and the one you’ll actually stick with is one you’ll enjoy.

Try not to worry about what everyone else is doing; pick an exercise that works for you! Choose from activities such as walking, cycling, running, swimming or weightlifting. You could even go skating, dancing or play golf and tennis. Finally, how much time will you spend exercising? When you’re a beginner, it is best to start with as little as 10 minutes per session and slowly build yourself up!

3. Bring a Friend

Fitness is always better with a friend! You may know someone who has also decided to start exercising in the New Year too. It’s perfect timing to begin your fitness journey together. Furthermore, exercising together will increase your chances of success and you'll definitely have more fun.

You’ll have to find an exercise that both of you enjoy. This could be a challenge, but it's totally worth it. An exercise partner provides you with a support system, a positive social experience and inspiration for your fitness journey. A fitness partner can be just the motivation you need to keep going.

4. Take It Easy

Your fitness resolution is a lifelong commitment to a healthier lifestyle, not just a change for a few months. You’re much more likely to see results if you take it easy at the beginning. Remember slow and steady wins the race!

For example, you may see people exercising at a very high intensity, but you should probably begin with low-to-moderate intensity exercises. Many people train six days a week, but it's fine to start with three!

5. Be Realistic

Finally, you need to be realistic about the goals you’re setting. For instance, a goal to run 5k by Easter is both reasonable and achievable. However, a goal to complete a marathon by that date is definitely unrealistic and very unsafe for novice runners.

Our best advice is to start off very slow (low-intensity workouts and duration) and develop a solid foundation of fitness. And then you can build upon that foundation as your fitness improves.

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