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How to Use an E-bike for Sports Rehab

An e-bike is the perfect piece of equipment for sports rehab, as the goal of sports rehab is to get an injured athlete back to full fitness to train and/or compete without increasing the initial injury or the risk of another.

For an athlete, it can be disheartening and depressing to be injured and out of training, as it’s the one thing in their life they either do for work or spend all their free time doing, or maybe both. It can be hard to get back on track, but an e-bike is a perfect way to get back in the saddle effectively and safely.

What is Sports Rehab?

Sports rehabilitation is a disciplinary approach used to treat sports injuries in athletes, so they can work to regain pain-free mobility. It involves physiotherapists advising the injured athlete on recovery with the primary goal to return to pre-injury activities, no matter if they are amateur or professional. The most common injuries treated by sports rehab are sprains and strains caused by overstretching and tearing of ligaments or muscles.

How Can an E-bike Help?

An e-bike is perfect to help an injured athlete as it allows you to exercise without putting excess strain on joints and muscles, including injuries, to allow you to safely rebuild your strength.

Due to the pedal-assist and electric motor, an e-bike is a great way to regain your abilities as you can adjust the level of assistance and therefore the level of fitness you exert. When you’re starting back out exercising after your injury, it’s worth increasing the power on your e-bike to remove as much stress from your injury as possible, and to allow yourself to get used to the motion of cycling.

Don’t be fooled though, even using the motor on full power can be tiring, so trust the process and lessen the power only when you feel ready to. The key point when recovering from a sports injury is to not rush recovery time, and not risk making your injury worse.

As mentioned previously, being injured can be emotionally and mentally draining as an athlete, and an e-bike brings a sense of freedom back. Our e-bikes can reach a speed of 25km/h, which can give recovering athletes the adrenaline rush they crave, and miss from their sport.

Our Top Tips:

  • Don’t rush your recovery; take it slow

  • Enjoy your e-bike and appreciate that it can assist where you want it to

  • Try playing with the pedal assist and motor levels to find a level that isn’t uncomfortable on your injury

  • Increase your levels or distances slowly to build your strength and fitness back up

  • Ride your e-bike in different visually stimulating locations to add interest to your rides and recovery

  • Don’t give up

  • Continue to use your e-bike post-recovery, as it’s still a great way to exercise and improve fitness

To shop our e-bike, click here. If you have any further questions about how an e-bike works and could aid your sports rehab and injury recovery, get in touch. We can answer any questions about the technicalities of the e-bike, but all sports rehab questions should be answered by a professional physical therapist.

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