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How to prepare your E-Bike for winter?

Winter is coming, meaning colder days and generally more extreme weather. Despite this, your electric bike is still a reliable mode of transportation!

If you fancy braving the weather and hitting the roads on your e-bike during wintertime then be sure to remember these steps to keeping your bicycle in perfect condition and to keep you safe during the winter months.

1. Take care of the battery

The battery on your electric bike is by far the most sensitive part of the bike. During Winter it requires extra care, making sure that the temperature of the battery is above freezing before you charge it up. Slowly warming the battery before a charge will prevent damage to the cells.

2. Keep your electric bicycle clean

The UK is not famous for its good weather, especially during the winter months. The roads you usually ride will be much dirtier in winter, meaning your bike will require more cleaning and maintenance. Sand, Grit, Salt and Gravel are all used by local councils in winter to ensure the roads are drivable. Clean your E-bike with a damp cloth after every ride to ensure it’s looking brand new.

3. Protect it from rust

During winter, moisture in the air will mean your bicycle is more susceptible to rust. Simply spray preventative products such as “Rust Check” onto the spoke nipples of the bike and any parts of the bike where there is exposed metal. Avoid spraying on any electronic components.

4. Use winter tires

Just like cars, Electric Bicycles also need alternative tires in winter. Battling icy and snowy conditions in standard tires, meant for drier summer riding conditions, is not going to end well. Ideally, to ride in winter, you’ll need studded tires, which are great in icy or hard-packed conditions and on ploughed roads.

5. Try to avoid riding through slush

Slush is the salty, watery snow that usually appears a few days after the first snowfall. Riding your E-Bike through slush can be damaging to the bike but also dangerous for the rider. Slush can seep into hard to reach areas of your bike and can quickly cause rust. If you do ride through slush, however, don’t forget to clean your bike upon arrival and lubricate the chain and metal parts as soon as possible.

If you decide riding your E-Bike during Winter is not for you, then here are some tips for storing it during winter:

Before storing your electric bike over winter, make sure to clean it thoroughly and check all wiring for damage. Be sure to lubricate the chain and metal parts, check the battery is partially charged and store your bike in a warm, dry place.

Riding during the winter months shouldn’t be an issue. If you need any advice on how to look after your electric bike or fancy yourself a new one then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or visit our website today to discover more!

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