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Get Fit with an E-bike

Did you know you could get fit with an e-bike? It allows you to exercise by cycling without putting excessive strain on your muscles and joints, so you can safely build and develop your fitness without jeopardising other areas of your health that may be more sensitive. Using an electric bike will improve your cardiovascular fitness and improve your heart and lungs, as well as your blood pressure, and like any other cardio exercise will better your overall health.

If you’ve not exercised for years, or haven’t ever cycled before, getting an e-bike is a great place to start as you can adjust the level of assistance and therefore the level of fitness you exert. The beauty of e-bikes is that you can decide how much exercise you want to do. It has been proven that it is possible to get effective exercise if you use it in pedal-assisted mode, or if you want, without any assistance. But bear in mind that e-bikes are heavier than a standard bicycle; they can weigh between 15 and 35 kilograms.

This blog will explain the different ways that an e-bike can keep you fit, and the ways to make the most of this.

Exercise your Core Muscles

Because electric bikes are heavy, your whole body, especially your core, will have to work to use them. Your core muscles engage as you balance on it and ride it around corners, and they will also work when you wheel it about, maybe out your garage or a lift. Your joints and bones will also benefit from this as it is essentially a weight-bearing exercise.

Use it for Commuting

The best way to get fit with an e-bike is to use it as often as you can, and the best way to do this is to use it to travel and commute to work. According to the NHS, adults should ​​do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise a week. The best way to fit this into a busy week is to replace your commutes or short journeys with it. Active transportation, like cycling, is a great way to exercise; you get exercise twice a day, five days a week, which adds up quickly.

The government Cycle to Work scheme also includes e-bikes. Researchers in one study made the point that e-bikes make cycling to work easier, as they shorten commuting times by 30% compared to regular bikes, and reduce the physical barriers of inclines, so you don’t have to turn up to work sweaty and tired.

Use your Electric Assistance Wisely

With great power comes great responsibility, and regarding an e-bike, it means that you should be conscious of how much you’re actually exercising and how much you’re being assisted by the motor. If you decide to use your e-bike without pedalling, you’re obviously not going to get fit because of it.

If you decide to get a Pedelec, then the assistance will only kick in when you pedal yourself, and once this starts, you can choose from varying levels of power assist to choose how hard you want to pedal. You will be able to feel if you’re working out, so it’s all about personal preference with how much or little assistance you want, so all you need to do is find a level of assistance that is low enough for your body to feel a moderate workout.

If you decide you want to invest in an e-bike, then take a look at our website, and find all our other blogs here.

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