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Welcome to PowerRide

Welcome to PowerRide where we believe that e-bikes should be affordable to everyone. We keep costs low and value high, offering our customers an exceptional experience when they shop with us. Our sturdy e-bikes come with a powerful 10-4ah CELL battery pack and Shimano gear system perfect for taking you further, faster.

White man riding a Power Ride electric bike through greenery, the sun shines on the handle bars


Based in Nottingham, we operate from a warehouse where we package and part-assemble e-bikes ready for distribution. Our mission is to provide affordable e-bikes to everyone together with exceptional customer care.


To us, open communication and honest advice are crucial to building customer loyalty. We want our customers to know that they can contact us at any time and rest assured that any question or query will be dealt with swiftly.


Our e-bikes are ethically priced and the perfect alternative to public transport, cars and motorcycles. They are environmentally friendly and do not require an MOT, Tax or insurance.

They are cheap to maintain and will take you further and faster than ever before.


Post-pandemic, we are at a time where we are more focused than ever on emotional, mental, and physical well-being, getting out on a bike ride is liberating and great for your overall health.


We want everyone to have the opportunity to own an e-bike and will forever concentrate on keeping our prices affordable.


I received my new PowerRide e-bike today. Very quick delivery and was straightforward to build up as there’s a link to a YouTube video as well as the instructions. Great fun to ride and good quality bike for the price .

It was a very prompt delivery, in fact, earlier than expected! It's a lovely bike, and easy to build up using the instruction. A great ride, and excellent for a first purchase of an electric bike. 

I love the bike and the customer service is top-notch! I highly recommend the electric bike; it is so easy to ride. If you are thinking of buying one but are unsure then this is the bike and company to buy it from.

A fantastic e-bike and really easy to set up with the instructions as it’s mostly already done. I've used it a few times now to go to work and back, and it has got a good battery range.

Man wearing cycle gear standing next to a power ride electric bike with yellow detailing


Public transport in the UK is unreliable and is becoming increasingly costly! A mixture of price increases, cancellations and strikes can be frustrating, to say the least. Running a car or motorbike is even more expensive with Tax, MOT, Insurance and fuel costs,

not to mention if repairs need to be done.


At PowerRide we not only want more people to embrace the e-bike we want to make owning an e-bike an affordable option without sacrificing quality and service.


Our e-bikes are sturdy and stylish and come 90% assembled with an easy ‘how to’ link to assemble the rest.


Ideal for people of all fitness levels and abilities due to the power-assisted feature designed to give an extra boost when needed.


With over 31.2 million cars currently on the road only 200,000 are electric, a far cry from reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. The introduction of green zones and traffic calming to cities is going some way to reduce traffic, but still a long way off still.


With an e-bike none of this matters; no sitting in traffic jams, no charges for entering Green zones, no paying for parking, no petrol; just a simple, powerful 10-4ah CELL battery pack that you can charge anywhere.

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"After recently working with PowerRide within my job at Deliveroo, I have found that the transfer to an E-bike has allowed me to not only cover a further distance, but has also allowed me to take more orders and doubled my income from using a regular bicycle.


From previously covering 20-30km in a shift, I have recently started covering 50-60km in the same time frame due to faster travel and less fatigue in my legs over the period of the shift, hence being able to pick up orders at a faster rate also.


The transition of vehicle type on the Deliveroo app also has meant that orders are allocated to me much more frequently then using a normal bicycle."

- Will

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