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How to maintain your Electric Bike?

There are some important things to remember when maintaining your E-bike. This guide will consider some frequently asked questions about how best to maintain your bike. In order to keep your electric bike in tip-top condition and riding like a dream, don’t forget to do these things…

What should you check before riding?

Before you go anywhere on your electric bike, completing a few quick checks will make sure you're getting the best, safest ride possible out of your bike. Check your tyre pressure is appropriate, and that your brakes are working properly. Taking your e-bike on a quick test ride, round the car park or to the end of the road and back doesn’t hurt anybody and it’s the best way to check your brakes and those all-important gears.

Can you make the E-bike battery last longer?

There are many ways to make your battery last longer, the healthier the bike, the more battery you’ll save! Most e-bikes also have a set of various options that give differing degrees of assistance. If possible, be smart with the levels of assistance and when on flat terrain ride your bike on eco mode. Only use the highest levels of assistance when you are riding through hilly terrain and need the extra boost!

What do I do if my bike has an electrical fault?

Don’t worry, bike electrical faults are pretty rare, but they can happen when owning an E-bike. If your bike does have an electrical fault, you should never try to dismantle your bike’s battery or drive system. You could cause more damage, lose your warranty or give yourself an electric shock! Take your bike to a professional bike shop and they should be able to fix it for you.

Is there anything I shouldn't do to my electric bike?

As we said, do not try to disassemble the battery yourself and don’t try to poke things into the terminals of the battery, as this could also end in a bad electric shock. Despite this, do make sure the main terminals on the battery are clean. Dust can cause problems for the battery. Furthermore, do not spray any sort of cleaning lubricant into the wire ports, this is extremely dangerous. When you are cleaning the e-bike, don’t point a high-pressure hose directly at the electrical components, instead, use a clean cloth to wipe and dry it down.

How should I store my e-bike?

After riding your electric bike, inspect it for any damage, clean it down so it’s ready for its next ride and store it in a dry place. Obviously, charge your battery fully, so it’s ready to ride another day.

How often does my e-bike need servicing?

It’s good practice to get your electric bike serviced once or twice a year, depending on how much you use it. Provided you care for the bike properly, taking it to a professional every 6 to 12 months is absolutely fine. Don’t skip a service appointment, your bike needs to stay in a good condition to keep you safe!

Hopefully, this guide was helpful to electric bike owners across the country and answered a few common queries! Visit the Powerride Website today to see our range of fantastic electric bikes, or read another blog by clicking here.

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