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E-bikes & weight loss

While many people have debated whether or not e-bikes provide a good workout, many studies have shown that this is a myth and e-bikes can be just as effective if not more effective than pedal bikes when it comes to workouts.

A real story

Jon Treffert is a perfect example of how using an e-bike helped his weight loss journey. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Weighing 270 IB, Jon decided to make a lifestyle change, not only did he focus on eating healthier but he decided that cycling would be a great form of exercise. Due to the fact he lived in a hilly area, he decided that an e-bike would be the best place to start. This allowed him to have full control of his bike rides, allowing him to start off easier and ease himself into increasing his rides.

After a year into his weight-loss journey, Jon had managed to cover over 3,000 miles, yet he didn’t stop there he kept riding and now three years later he is down to a weight of 165 Ib and feeling as healthy as ever. Of course, this weight loss comes with changing his lifestyle as a whole, however, the e-bike makes exercising manageable and keeps him active.

Jon said to Bicycling:

“Cycling is so great for your mood, joints, and health. It’s such a tonic every time I’m out on the road. I want to motivate people by showing them an enjoyable sustainable pathway to change for which the e-bike is a catalyst and remains a key component. If we can replicate my experiment of one, we can, person by person, make a real change in our obesity and diabetes epidemic.”

How can YOU lose weight with an e-bike?

One of the many reasons an e-bike helped Jon with his journey was because it lowered the entry barrier. E-bikes allow riders to pedal as hard as they want, meaning they offer an effective workout, but they also create a safety net. This is because they take the edge off any hill, which is a big obstacle for many people who want to start cycling. Here are some great tips to help you with your weight loss journey:

Tip 1 - Try to use your e-bike as much as possible

It may seem impossible to use your e-bike daily, but you need to remember that it's a FREE form of transport, not just a piece of exercise equipment. Try and replace as many of your car trips with your e-bike, this could be your commute to work, a trip to the shops or heading to meet your friends for a coffee.

Finding a way to fit your e-bike into your daily routine is important to make a committed change to your lifestyle.

Tip 2 - Try and do some off-road riding

We recommend that you try some off-road riding, this doesn’t have to be every day just occasionally. Bike lanes and roads are an easier and more efficient way of travel but riding down a nature trail with the sounds, sights and smells of the environment around you can’t get any better.

The trail you use doesn’t have to be super technical, it’s better that you ride on a relaxed, easy-going and flat trail to start with. The point in this is not to make your ride harder but to mix things up a bit and get you out in a new environment.

Tip 3 - Ride with others

When possible it’s worth getting out with at least one other person. This could be a riding group or with your friends and family. Riding with others can be a great way to ensure that you’re getting out more often.

You just need to DO IT

At the end of the day, e-biking for exercise and fitness is about putting in the time and effort so that you can see the results! E-biking is great for a mixture of fitness, relaxation and transport, what more could you ask for. Don’t be afraid, get your e-bike and make your lifestyle change today!

Find out more about e-bikes on our blog today, or shop yours here.

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