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Sticking to your New Year’s fitness resolutions

January 2022, the year all your New Year’s fitness resolutions come true. We’re speaking it into existence!

It’s that time of year again, where our social media feeds are full goal setting, fitness influencers and people trying to get fit again after an indulgent festive period. At PowerRide, we are super passionate about making this year the year you make fitness a priority so here are some of our tips to becoming a better version of you in 2022.

Good habits

Starting your morning off right can do wonders for achieving your fitness goals. Waking up early, doing your morning stretches, eating a healthy whole-food breakfast and taking a brisk walk is a great way to start your day.


Consistency is definitely key when it comes to fitness and scheduling your workouts is a must. It’s important to look at your week and plan ahead. Maybe plan a walk with a friend or try a new fitness class, just make sure you do something you enjoy and be mindful of scheduling in all the main fitness components - strength, cardio, stretching and core work.


Your mindset can be the biggest obstacle for getting back into a routine or setting fitness goals for the first time. You should be focusing on training your mind rather than just your body. We’ve all been there - saying you’ll workout after work and then deciding you’re too tired when evening rolls around. Stopping with excuses will help to develop a mindset that will support your fitness goals.

Remember, you only get one body, and fitness doesn’t get easier as you age! Starting your journey is the biggest hurdle and you’ll be so happy after you have a few weeks under your belt. Riding your E-bike is a fantastic way to keep fit and could be the answer to keeping on track with your New Year’s fitness resolutions in 2022. Going on a couple of bike rides could be the beginning of a lifestyle change for you this year. When you start to see and feel the results, then that should help you stick to it.

Do you want to achieve your fitness goals in 2022? Head to the PowerRide website today to shop for one of our fantastic electric bikes! Or head to our blog to read more about how an electric bike can keep you fit and help save the environment.

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