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4 E-Bike Routes for You to Explore

These cycling routes are our favourite e-bike routes to explore; you can take on a real mountain ride even when you only have a few hours to spare.

The joy of an electric bike is that you can travel longer distances at faster speeds and in shorter times with the addition of the electric motor and pedal assist. The pedal assist makes it easier for you to make inclines, even the ones that would usually provoke a bit of anxiety. You now have fewer reasons to not go on an epic mountain bike ride.

These four locations, like with many mountain rides, have glorious views and stunning descents, which on top of the adrenaline from the e-bike’s motor, creates an amazing overall experience.

Sticks Pass and Helvellyn

If you fancy dramatic views to accompany you on your ride, why not start at one of the largest lakes in the Lake District? Helvellyn is one of the highest peaks in the Lake District, which also makes it the most rewarding route to ride. It also combines a glorious descent down Sticks Pass.

The route begins in Glenridding, in the National Trust car park, cutting SW along a gentle climb that then becomes increasingly steep and technical, but with an e-bike, you have the reassurance from that motor to assist you where needed. Along the route, you’ll ascend more than 3,100ft so even though the views are going to be worth it, make sure your prepare and look at weather conditions prior.

Glentress and Innerleithen

This ride is all about escaping pedestrianised areas of the trails and exploring the less public network of natural loops. The route incorporates some historic trails and includes hard climbs on the grass right into the centre of the hills. You will cycle through fields of heather and climb high onto Kirk Hope Law, and you’ll be pleased to know the bulk of the work is behind you at this point. From here, it’s mainly a descent through more purple heather, and it speeds up at the end for that craved adrenaline rush.


Calderdale has its fair share of mountain bike trails. The dale itself is deep and steep, so the climb is always a tough one; perfect for an e-bike motor. The moors above the valley floor are the true highlight of the route, it’s definitely one of our favourite scenic e-bike routes. The descent down from Gorple Stones to Cant Clough is easy, but there are a few steep and stony points at the finish.

The Long Gap

The Gap is generally considered the Brecon Beacons classic. There are a few alternative versions of this route, but the longer, tougher one is our favourite. From Talybont-on-Usk make sure you follow the Taff Trail S, then follow the signs to the Brin Ore Tramroad. At the top, take the main ridge path over Bryniau Gleision and go down the road at the Pentwyn Reservoir.

After this, take the road NW and then take the Gap Road to the Gap itself. Take the narrow track on the right and carry on NE to a crossroad, then turn right to follow the lanes to Llanfrynach. Finally, follow the lanes SE to Pencelli, and you ride alongside the canal to finish.

We hope you try out some of these bike routes for yourself, and if you have any suggestions or would like to share your favourite e-bike routes, please let us know in the comments. To shop our e-bikes, click here, and to read more of our blogs, click here.

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