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Why an E-Bike makes the best Christmas gift!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Struggling with Christmas present ideas? Why not get your loved one a brand new bike for Christmas, and we’re not just talking about a regular bike, an E-bike! A new bike for Christmas is the perfect gift for someone of any age. Giving a bike as a gift is like giving the gift of independence and freedom.

Electric bikes are changing the way we get around and are quickly becoming one of the nations most favourite modes of transport.

It’s safe to say that battery-powered cars won’t solve the UK’s air pollution, congestion or obesity issues, but an E-bike could. Research suggests that by 2040, new diesel and petrol cars will be prohibited and electric options will become the new normal. E-bikes included as some of us are bringing this eco-friendly travel mode into practice already.

Electric bikes are changing lives

E-bikes give the elderly an opportunity to commute, keep active, and can help students get to campus quicker than ever before! Electric bikes also enable leisure cyclists to take on more challenging routes with ease.

Health and fitness is also a massive part of the electric bike revolution. According to research, the daily cycle commute is equivalent to the weight loss of a five-day gym routine. January is always the month where many reassess their unhealthy lifestyle and join a gym but if you received an E-bike for Christmas you’ll be fit in no time. Furthermore, cycling regularly is linked with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and e-bikes have been found to have notable cardiovascular benefits.

What’s stopping you?

Check out our PowerRide electric bikes if you’re struggling to buy for a loved one this year. Furthermore, our Christmas sale has begun, so you really have zero excuses! Head to the PowerRide website today, don’t miss out!

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