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Top tips to keep your electric bike in tip-top shape

Investing in an electric bike can be expensive, that’s why it’s extremely important to maintain your bike to keep it in good working order. Luckily, an electric bike doesn’t need much equipment to keep it clean and dust-free. You will only need a cloth and some good old elbow grease to wipe your bike down after use.

Below we will explain the best tips that will keep your electric bike looking brand new at all times.

Clean, clean, clean.

Even though dust and grime may make your bike look dirty, this can actually cause issues with performance in the long run. To ensure dust and grime don’t interfere with your bikes performance, always ensure you’re wiping your bike down after every use.

Preparation is key

When deciding to give your electric bike a clean make sure you’re always removing the battery first. Due to the potential of washing away the axel and motor grease, jet wash systems are not recommended for your bike. If you’re looking to save on labour, picking up a cleaning kit that includes brushes, cloths and cleaning solutions are extremely useful when maintaining your electric bike.

Chain Maintenance

Here are some simple steps to degreasing your chain:

  • Do not apply any degreaser around the battery terminal or the motor.

  • To ensure you’re only applying degreaser to the appropriate places on your bike, try applying a moderate amount of degreaser onto some cloth.

  • Wrap the cloth, with the degreaser on, around the chain and then use your other hand to pedal backwards to coat the chain properly.

  • To polish the chain use another piece of cloth and repeat the first two steps but use your other hand to keep pedalling backwards and forwards.

Chain Lubrication

Keeping the chain clean is essential but you will also have to lubricate it regularly too. Deciding between cleaning the chain and lubricating the chain will depend on the season. For example, your chain is likely to need heavy-duty lubrication in the winter but a dry lubricator will be suitable for summer.

Pull the break

Your safety is always the most important part of owning any type of bike, this is why checking your breaks are a top priority. Good break maintenance is also a sure-fire way to ensure your breaks are safe. After you’ve cleaned your e-bike, try using a specific break disc cleaner.

Depending on the type of breaks your e-bike has, you will need to change the brake pads when they start to wear down and become less impactful.

Top tip: Do not let your brake pads wear down too much as this will increase your stopping distance and decrease the level of safety. Also, always seek help from your nearest bike shop to make sure you’re maintaining your breaks properly.

Battery care

Whenever you’re not using your bike, we recommend that you keep your bike battery inside. Keeping your battery inside means that it is in a temperature-controlled environment and it’s not sat in adverse weather conditions. Very high or very low temperatures can cause adverse effects on the performance of your battery.

Top tip: Try and charge your battery while it has at least 10-20% of charge left so that you’re not letting it go completely low.

Where to keep your e-bike

Did you know that you should keep your e-bike in a dry place that’s preferably indoors away from the weather? This will ensure that your bike will not get damaged in between uses. Bike sheds are the perfect added extra for your new electric bike. The cost of bike sheds vary from affordable to costly, so it will depend on your budget on the type of bike shed you opt for. Bike sheds also vary in size so you can opt for a model that just fits your e-bike or you can opt for a larger model that’s useful for storing your bike and other household items. Since e-bikes are often an expensive investment, you should keep yours in a bike shed to deter thieves. Keeping your bike safe should always be of paramount importance.

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