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Get more exercise with E-bikes

It’s no secret that most people assume those who ride electric bikes are lazy. However, due to a recent study that has been conducted across seven countries, it has been discovered that people using an electric bike are actually getting more exercise than those who use a regular bike. Read more to find out the details.

E-bikes prove beneficial for fitness

Following over 10,000 cyclists in Europe, a recent study analysed their riding habits and how much of their time on the bikes were contributing towards physical activity. The study also compared the levels of physical activity to other forms of transport.

The interesting find was that electric bike riders actually noted longer trips and distances than regular cyclists. Additionally, e-bike riders managed to get more total exercise per week. This was due to e-bikers spending more time on their bikes than those with bicycles. Not only did e-bikers spend more time on their vehicles, but they also happened to be older than those with normal bikes (48 years old compared to 41-year-olds using bicycles).

Make way for e-bikes

Since these results, there has been a call for promoting e-bikes as a healthy yet sustainable transport option. Due to the study’s findings, it is clear that those with e-bikes actually spend more time on their bike and thus these bikes may be used for longer commuting trips to work etc. Not only has this study found that e-bikes are used for longer periods of time, but it has also discovered that people are spending much more time doing physical activity. We can conclude that e-bikes clearly have many beneficial factors and thus there are now demands for cycling infrastructure to be adapted to accommodate higher speeds and other safety needs.

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