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Top tips for e-bike riders

If you’re new to e-bikes or are thinking of buying one, here are some great tips for you.

Start out slow

If this is the first time you have used an e-bike or is the first time you’ve been in the saddle for a few years, make sure to spend some time practising before you head out into a crowded bike lane or on any off-road trails.

We would recommend you head to an empty car park, park with open space or a cul-de-sac to get yourself used to your new e-bike and the way it works. Get to know your e-bike and become comfortable with its controls and make sure it’s set up to fit you comfortably.

Ride safely

Riding safely means having a defensive mindset. It’s good to be aware of your surroundings and the dangers that could be lurking. Keeping your wits about you at all times will keep you safe.

“Take control of the situation by riding defensively. Sometimes, the threats aren’t as easy to spot. Puddles can obscure hidden dangers under the water, and you never know what may be covered up by that wet pile of leaves in the road. It’s better to play it safe and avoid them entirely when you can.”

This doesn’t mean to be scared of what every ride holds but you should be aware of the higher risk locations, for example, areas where you might have a lack of visibility.

Check your tyres often

One of the most important safety measures to take is to ensure that you are checking your e-bikes tyres. They are undoubtedly the most important part of your bike, it affects the stability at every moment you’re on the bike.

It’s important to ensure that your tyres haven’t picked up any sharp items, small objects can become embedded in tyres especially in the deep treads and they can work deeper over time. This can cause a flat tyre, which doesn’t just ruin your ride but can be dangerous at the wrong time.

Enjoy your adventures

Finally, no matter what, make sure you enjoy your e-bike and the adventures you take on it. Don’t forget that it is important to ride responsibly!

For more information about the benefits of e-bikes head over to our blog today.

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