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Tips for First-Time E-bike Commuters

So you’ve embraced a different commute and have purchased your first e-bike, you're nervous but excited, maybe you haven't cycled in years, maybe you're a pro. In this blog, we are going to be talking you through everything you need to know before you get started and making sure you are 100% comfortable on two wheels.

Getting comfortable

First things first you have to be comfortable with your bike. Start with small achievable journeys and build your way up, making sure that you feel at ease with your bike. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the road rules, these are different for cyclists. Ensure that you practice the motions of riding, emergency stop, standing with a foot on the pedal, cycling with one hand and looking behind you.


Your bike is exposed to a lot of weather conditions and this can damage it, make sure that you are taking the time to maintain it, clean your chain, ensure your tires are pumped properly, make sure your brakes aren’t damaged. All of our Power Ride bikes come with a complete user manual so you can get to grips with exactly how your bike works. For more information on this visit our website.

Know the road

If you are commuting to work you may find that a different route is more accessible to bikes, do a reconnaissance of your route to ensure you are comfortable. This will eliminate any nervousness. There are many bike map websites that you can visit or even contact cycling organisations in your city to discuss the best routes for you to take. Remember you are still on a road and you have to obey the highway code, cycle with the traffic but make sure you aren’t too close to cars as it can be hard for them to see you. The ability to treat stop signs as yields, known as the Idaho Stop, is a specialist bike law. This aids in reducing congestion and keeping you safe.

Be aware

Just because you are on a bike doesn’t mean you can not slip in and out of traffic, you must keep an eye on what is happening around you. Ensure you are always signalling to other drivers where you are wanting to go and pay special attention to where you are on the road so not to fall into a car's blind spot. Other ways you can be aware of the road is by making yourself visible to other drivers, use a bell to indicate where you are ensuring that you are using your bike lights and wearing high vis clothing, motorists can’t look out for you if they can’t see you.

In case of emergency

If you don’t already know it can be useful to learn how to change a flat bike tire, it could be worth buying an emergency bike kit in case you puncture a tire and need a quick fix. The last thing you want is to become stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat.

Enjoy yourself!

Ultimately cycling should be enjoyable, obviously, it is important that you approach with caution but ultimately cycling should be fun! Check out Power Rides e-bike selection and get on the road. As much as it’s about health and sustainability, cycling is also about putting the joy back into your commute.

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