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The Ultimate Guide For Buying An Electric bicycle.

Electric bikes are the new and improved way of cycling, all the features of a normal pedal bike but with the addition of an electric motor and battery. Electric bikes or E-bikes offer the perfect solution if you are wanting a more economically friendly way of getting around with the added bonus of fitness. Incredibly versatile e-bikes allow you to cycle at your own pace and allow for a much smoother assisted riding experience.

Why would I want an e-bike?

Firstly why? Why should you bother with an e-bike when your manual one seems ok? The most popular reason for investing in an e-bike is the commute and they are likely to become even more popular as the world emerges from lockdown and people look for new ways to commute without having to utilise public transport. However, this isn’t the only reason many leisure or training cyclists are also hopping on the trend as it offers the best of both worlds.

How much do I need to spend

It goes without saying but typically e-bikes aren’t cheap, while you could get a normal bike for just a few hundred you are looking at a starting price of £1,000 for a quality electric bike. At PowerRide we pride ourselves on offering premium quality bikes for the lowest possible price. We offer the lowest prices on the market from as little as £800.

What are the rules on e-bikes?

Ebikes are regulated slightly more than regular models. But not drastically so: you don’t need a licence to have one, and you don’t need to pay road tax or go through any of the more burdensome paperwork that comes with something like a car.

The real restrictions are added by manufacturers. In the UK, e-bikes can only go up to 15.5mph – at that point, the motor cuts out, though you can obviously go faster than that using leg power, should you so wish. In other parts of the world, the maximum speed may differ.

How far and how fast can I go?

The fastest an e-bike can go to the UK is 15.5mph, but that isn't the only thing to consider when it comes to speed. The ways in which e-bike motors operate tends to vary: some will softly ease you along when you start pedalling, while others will give you a blast that rockets you up to speed. Many include the ability to choose which of those experiences you'd like, though not all.

What other features do I need to consider before buying?

All of the traditional questions about sizes, components, comfort and gears apply to e-bikes just as they do for non-electric ones. Beyond their electric motor, many e-bikes are just the same as their cousins, and so it’s important to make the same considerations.

When it comes to frame size, just as with traditional bikes, you can check a manufacturer's website for detailed information on how to measure yourself and decide which size will fit you best. Likewise, an e-bike still requires you to make the same decisions about accessories, including everything from saddles to tyres.

The electric bike market usually offers less choice than the traditional bike market, in part because it is smaller. So you might not need to fret so much about the smaller details, as you may not be able to adapt the bike as much.

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