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7 reasons why you should buy an E-bike

There are many reasons why buying an e-bike is a great idea, that’s why we have put together 7 reasons why buying an e-bike is the right thing to do for you.

1. Getting back in the saddle

If you’re wanting to get back to cycling and start exploring again, getting an e-bike is the perfect bike to get you back in the saddle. E-bikes are known to motivate you to get out more and even do longer bike rides without feeling exhausted.

2. Say goodbye to the rush hour traffic

If your morning and evening commute consists of stressful traffic, an E-bike can solve all your problems. Avoid the traffic, miss out on paying petrol and parking fees and get fit all at the same time.

3. Save yourself money

Buying an e-bike will save you hundreds of pounds, our great quality e-bikes will cost you just £995 and the upkeep costs are roughly the same as a traditional bike. Meaning it’s far cheaper to buy an e-bike which you can charge from your home than, buying and running a car.

4. Do your part to save the environment

An e-bike is great for the environment. By just replacing your regular journeys with an e-bike you will reduce your carbon footprint, this is because e-bikes do not emit any harmful emissions.

5. E-bikes keep you fit

Even with the electric motor assisting you, you’ll be riding more and pedalling more. Which is great news for your heart, lungs and blood pressure. Not only this there is a proven link between regular exercise reducing stress levels. No matter what your fitness level an e-bike can help you get fit and stay fit.

6. They help you tackle hills

Riding an e-bike really comes into its own when it comes to riding up hills. If you’re faced with a steep climb that you’re unsure you could tackle on a traditional bike you can just use more of the motor’s power so you’ve had a helping hand up, without feeling exhausted once you’ve completed it.

7. They are great fun!

E-bikes are great fun. Yes, they are similar to a traditional bike, just with a little extra special. They get you around faster and allow you to explore areas you might not have found via public transport.

E-bikes keep you fit without you feeling as though you’ve done a workout, save you money, are great for the environment and are great fun! If you want more information before buying your e-bike head over to our blog ‘The Ultimate Guide For Buying An Electric Bicycle’.

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