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Riding an E-bike: the things you haven't considered

Are you considering riding an electric bike? Riding an electric bike is pretty similar to that of a normal bike but has a few differences. Here are some top tips to ensure the first time riding an E-bike is safe but fun too!

Take your time

Riding an electric bike is a slightly different experience from riding a normal bike, mostly due to the speeds involved. Normal bike riders don’t often ride at the same speed that can be reached by using an electric bike. It’s super important for first-time riders to start slow and not to rush into anything.

Start slow and before you even get on the bike, read up on what to expect. Find out how your electric bike delivers the power and if possible start on a low assistance level, so you can expect an experience not too different from riding a normal bike. It’s also a good idea to think about the location of where you’ll be riding for the first time. A flat, open area is probably best for beginners. E-bikes are generally heavier and it is more difficult to switch gears when not riding because of that weight.

Once you’re ready to go, use the pedals and get the bike moving. When you start to feel steady and comfortable, turn on the assistance! This method will help you feel more in control of the bike as the assistance kicks in.

Test your brakes

It’s super important to understand your brakes before you start riding your new e-bike. You should know how the brakes feel and know which brake lever does what. Find out which is the front brake and which is the rear.

Checking the brake set up is also a good idea. When the bike is stationary, pull the brake lever. If they are working correctly, the lever should engage the calliper before it reaches the handlebar. If something doesn't feel right, don’t ride the bike, read the manual and find out how to make adjustments, or if you’re unsure, take it to your local bike shop.

Next, check which lever is for the front wheel and which is for the rear. You won’t ever want to use only the front lever, with less aggressive braking it’s okay to use only the rear brake but the strongest braking will come from using both brakes together! Make sure you consider the extra time you might need when bringing your e-bike to a stop and get some practice in before getting out into the traffic.

Be Careful

As a new electric bike user, you should take extra care riding on the roads. Cars and traffic is an issue for any bike, so it’s always good advice to take care on busy roads. Drivers make road choices based on how long they think it should take a bike to do something and electric bikes are faster and this changes things.

No matter what kind of bike you are on, the advice is the same. Anticipate drivers not seeing you, or providing you with the required space. Also, it goes without saying, wear a high-quality helmet to keep yourself safe.

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