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Revolutionising your ride with E-Bikes.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We’re living in the future! As tech is continuing to revolutionise the way in which we do things electric bikes are spearheading change towards the way we commute. You may have already seen one of these zipping through the streets. But what we all want to know is are they really worth it? Spoiler alert, yes.

Electric bikes or e-bikes have to be the biggest progression in environmentally friendly transportation in decades. Cycling has long been praised for being the most eco-friendly form of commute on the planet, cutting down greenhouse gas emissions, reducing air pollution and aiding in both noise and congestion. There are countless advantages to cycling but it’s not for everyone. The beauty of e-bikes is that you get all the perks of a bike but with the added bonus of electric power-assist making cycling uphill a breeze. Our Power Ride e-bikes use rechargeable batteries that will travel 35-30 kilometres fully charged. In a nutshell, they offer low-cost energy-efficient and emission-free transport which also has physical and health benefits, obviously.

Many European countries have already adopted the bike lifestyle with places like Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands have long embraced the perks of cycling. Almost a quarter of the Dutch population cycled as a form of transportation every single day. The country accommodates in excess of 23 million bicycles, 2 million of which are e-bikes.

“It’s quite difficult to explain what [an ebike] feels like: you’re still cycling but it’s like being an Olympic athlete; you can go faster and longer; hills are less effort. The acceleration is quite fun, even for the most sceptical grown up.”

“Ebikes level the playing field, “People of different abilities and fitness can cycle together. People can cycle with their enthusiast partners; grandparents can go out with their families because e-bikes close that gap.”

-Bicycle Association’s operations director, Steve Garidis

So why is the UK so behind with only around 5-6% of citizens cycling at least once a week? It could well be due to the hilly terrain of the British roads or even the weather. However, in recent months sales of e-bikes have skyrocketed with many opting for a greener commute post lockdown. E-bikes give you the opportunity to go at your own pace while also having the option to use power. Gone are the days of arriving at work hot and sweaty, no need for expensive tax and you don’t even need to have a driving license. To learn more about Power Ride’s e-bikes check out what we have to offer on our website.

To learn more about Power Ride’s e-bikes check out what we have to offer.

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