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How to- Build a Bicycle Program for Your Company.

By now we are all aware of the mental, physical and economical benefits of cycling but did you know it can also benefit your business? Cycling has proven to boost mental health the motion of peddling has been said to create a calming effect on the body. It is also well documented that it improves physical health. Research has suggested that a cycling program encourages staff morale, increases productivity and creates a sense of community. In this blog, we are going to be talking you through how to convert the unconverted and encourage your employees to choose a greener commute.

Bike to work scheme

This is the best way to incentivise your staff to start cycling, employers simply sign up completely free and your employees will have access to over 2,200 partner stores across the UK, offering an excellent choice of bikes and equipment. Saving employers up to 13.8% on employer NI contributions.

Bike security

It goes without saying but if you are planning on encouraging your staff to bike to work they will need a place to lock up. Think about installing a shelter near your office. It would be a total waste of time spending money supplying bikes for them to get stolen. By providing a parking area you are showing your staff that you care about their biking needs.


Encourage your staff to stay on top of their cycling by offering incentives and prizes for mileage or days cycling. These incentives could be financial or in the form of praise, either way, it can go a long way in encouraging your staff to start taking it more seriously.


The number one concern from people sceptical about cycling is not feeling comfortable riding alongside traffic. As an employer, there are a number of ways you can counter this through education. You could offer workshops where you educate your staff on road safety when on a bike and give them practical hands-on experience before they commit themselves. Another way you could do this is by ensuring that the route that your staff takes to work is bike-friendly. Do your research if an employee approaches you concerned about their route, take the time to evaluate their situation and potential other routes they could take. Finally, another way you can educate your staff about cycling is by talking about the many physical and mental benefits.

Cycling culture

While incentives can be enough for many companies many can feel slightly overwhelmed and intimidated by the cycling community. Ensuring that you are creating an inclusive community will allow for more staff to feel comfortable joining. Think about arranging social rides during lunch breaks or after work, persuade employees who already commute via bike to assist in those starting out in a sort of ‘bike-pool’ situation. Ensuring that this movement feels inclusive is vital.


Almost every business is goal-oriented, they are important for noting if you are on track with targets. Just like this, it is also important to set goals for your employees with the bike to work scheme. Having a strong program at your workplace will commit your company to sustainability and a more positive work environment. Building a successful bicycle program isn't difficult, it simply takes making a few changes and putting in a bit of effort and it will be more than worth it in the end.

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