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Electric Bikes Explained

You may have heard the words power-assisted bicycle, electric bike or even e-bike being thrown around recently. But what exactly is an electric bike? In this blog, we are going to be discussing what makes an e-bike different from a regular bicycle, why they are becoming more popular and why you should get your hands on one.

What is an electric bike?

By definition, an e-bike is a hybrid bike powered by a mixture of electricity in the form of a rechargeable battery as well as being propelled by pedals. E-bikes feature a detachable battery which you can disconnect and charge from a regular 3-pin socket. This allows for the added ease of an electronically powered bike with the convenience of being able to charge it anywhere, for example at your desk at work. You are in complete control of the bike and can decide how much assistance you want from the motor. This means you can crank up the assistance when going uphill for example.

Why are Electric Bikes becoming more popular?

This year we’ve seen a spike in the number of e-bikes purchased in fact 5% of adults and 14% of cyclists in the UK say they're “likely” to purchase an e-bike over the next 12 months, which is around 2.78 million people. According to VanMoof a Dutch e-bike manufacturer sold globally.

Many believe the sudden popularity of e-bikes is due to COVID with more people opting out of public transport in search of a greener commute. Ebikes significantly reduce pollution and are a much more carbon-friendly way of travelling.

While it obviously aids in reducing our carbon footprint it also benefits our physical and mental health. Cycling has many beneficial effects on our physical health including our heart and lungs, encouraging circulation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. All while strengthening you your muscles and aiding in weight loss.

Studies have also shown that the movement of cycling has a relaxing effect on the brain, it can also induce feelings of calmness and improve wellbeing. Cycling is proven to be a great way to disconnect and ‘zone out’ and is even used as a form of meditation.

The future of e-bikes

So what’s next for e-bikes? It’s clear to see that they are not just a fad and they are here to stay. With the UK beginning to take cyclists seriously we are seeing more and more bike accessible roads. Many companies are adopting the ‘bike to work’ scheme which allows for reduced bikes, accountancy girl Deloitte say 300 million electric bikes will be out on the roads by 2023 a staggering 50% more than today.

“Electric bicycles can potentially play a big role in cleaning up our transport by removing dirty vehicles from our roads and getting people onto two wheels. People who may have previously been unable to travel by bicycle could have an entirely new, cleaner way of getting around.

“By getting more people out of their cars we can look to a future where our towns and cities are not choking on polluted air, and climate-wrecking emissions have been slashed.”
Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth chief executive

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on an e-bike today, shop our selection on our website and stay informed on the e-bike community by following our blog.

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