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Cycling Together With E-Bikes

Cycling is a very physically demanding activity, fairly strenuous and ableist not everyone can join in, with e-bike more and more people have to discover the love for cycling. In this blog, we are going to talk about how e-bikes have enabled those who wouldn’t normally cycle to get out there and enjoy the experience.

We hear the same excuses over and over “I can’t ride anymore, it’s too painful on my joints” or “I would like to go cycling with other people but I’m afraid I can’t keep up” or even “I’d go with my children but they have so much more energy and don’t tire as quickly as I do”. With e-bike’s like Power Ride, you are able to do the things you love without feeling the strain of a manual bike.

Case Study 1: John and Kate

Both in their later years, John and Kate enjoyed spending time together, John had been cycling for many years and Kate had always enjoyed from the sidelines. She told us:

“In the beginning, I wasn’t interested in cycling and as we’ve got older and the children have left I find myself with so much time on my hands especially when John is out cycling. He is so much fitter than I am and I would never be able to keep up and I don’t want to slow him down.”

With this in mind, we advised Kate on which E-bike would best suit her needs and skill level. Not only is she now able to join in and cycle with John for the first time providing the couple with quality time together but it has also helped to improve Kate's overall fitness.

Case Study 2: Jennifer

Jennifer a young professional working in the city, working long hours she rarely finds the time to exercise or wind down after work. Having to commute on the busy tube 5 days a week and missing the daylight she wanted to make a change. Discovering a new way to commute to and from work with e-bikes. E-bikes solve all of her problems and she is able to commute at her own pace not waiting on busy public transport. She is able to spend more time outside and grounding herself and she is also able to fit in a bit of exercise each day.

Jennifer is over-the-moon with her new bike and the opportunities it has to offer.

Case Study 3: Mark and Anne

Mark and his wife Anne used to enjoy long rides together and were even part of a local cycling group, but last year Mark suffered a heart attack and this meant that cycling wasn’t an option for a while. Eager to find another way for Mark to enjoy cycling Anne looked into a power-assisted bike. The idea that he would be able to still enjoy cycling while taking it easy was the perfect solution.

“I am able to do everything I loved and cycle with the group again, I don’t feel left out or like I’m being given special treatment, many of my friends are also considering getting an e-bike to help with long rides or uphill tracks.”

For many, an e-bike is a perfect solution. Making cycling possible for anyone at any age despite fitness level. If you are interested in a greener commute check out our selection of power-assisted bikes now.

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