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Could an e-bike help you achieve your New Year's resolutions?

We’re reaching that time in the year where we wrap up the year and look forward to the upcoming one, and many make it a habit to set resolutions and goals for the New Year. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get fitter and healthier, or do more to help the environment, or even find more time to spend with your loved ones, an e-bike could help you achieve your new goal.

The winter days are shorter and colder, and we may just want to curl up with a mince pie, but this blog will inspire you to get outside more and achieve those newly set resolutions, all with the help of an e-bike.

How can an e-bike help you feel fitter and healthier?

You may be wondering how an e-bike can help you build your fitness? If you aren’t familiar with an e-bike and how they work, an e-bike assists your cycling, rather than doing the work for you. With a Powerride e-bike, there are three levels of power assist, so depending on your fitness ability or endurance preference, you can tailor the assistance to your cycling ability. If you want to do more exercise, turn the motor down, or even off, and if you want an easy ride, or a break during a ride, maybe when you hit an incline, you can turn the motor up.

The beauty of an e-bike is you can get the exercise you need, and barely notice it; all while burning calories. Studies show that e-bike users only burn 20% fewer calories than standard cyclists, and these studies also show that e-bike cyclists are riding for longer and more frequently due to the power assistance making it easier and more enjoyable. Some of our customers have sold their cars and use this Powerride e-bike for all short journeys.

Even if you don’t want to lose weight, an e-bike can improve your cardio-respiratory fitness and overall health. Cardio exercise benefits your health, causes your blood pressure to go down, strengthens your heart and immunity, and improves lung capacity.

How are e-bikes good for the environment?

This past year has highlighted the significant impact we are all having on the environment and there have been many climate change protests making us aware of the damage we are doing to the environment. E-bikes are proving to be a valuable mode of transport to help limit this damage.

An e-bike is great for the environment in many ways. The cost of charging an e-bike works out at only a few pence and will give you an average range of 50 miles with no emissions emitted from the bike. When riding an e-bike you take up less space on the road and as they are silent to ride, you will not disturb any wildlife if cycling within nature.

How can an e-bike help me spend more time with my family?

An e-bike can help you have more time for your loved ones in a few ways. Firstly, it can reduce your commute time if you decide to use this as your means of transportation. You will be less likely to be stuck in traffic if you were to use a car, and it would be consistently quicker than cycling using a normal bike or even using public transport.

The second way is that it can be used as a family activity to get you all out on bike rides together, exploring new places, and enjoying the countryside. Whether or not you all have e-bikes, the whole family will benefit from bike rides and quality time together.

If you are interested in purchasing an e-bike, please head over to our shop, or if you want to read more blogs, please click here.

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