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Are E-bikes the answer to avoiding Clean Air Zone charges?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

In the early months of 2021, Bath became the second English city (after London) to introduce Clean Air Zones, a new charging system for vehicles that exceed emission standards. Clean Air Zones are likely to impact people driving in the city, and they aim to promote the use of electric cars and lower-emission vehicles and deter the use of older and more polluting petrol or diesel vehicles in urban areas. Using electric bikes and scooters could be a great alternative to avoiding the huge cost of switching from petrol to an electric car.

Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Portsmouth, Newcastle/Gateshead/North Tyneside, Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield are all cities that are currently implementing or planning to implement Clean Air Zones, while Liverpool is considering adopting a full-scale congestion zone.

In a Clean Air Zone, if your vehicle exceeds the emission standards, you could be paying a charge every time you enter the zone. Getting a car or taxi could be between £8-12.50 (depending on where you live), or if you own a business, you could be paying as much as £100 for a large commercial vehicle.

E-bikes are the answer!

If you’re looking for a cheaper independent travel solution, electric bikes are a fantastic alternative to driving. Not only are they much cheaper to buy than an electric car, owning an E-bike means you won’t run into any parking costs.

Electric bikes currently offer the closest flexibility you can get to a car without the cost! They also have the bonus of health benefits, and if you don’t want to, you can adjust the power level accordingly so you won't have to break a sweat.

Owning an E-bike can even be a viable alternative to buying a second car for some families. Being strapped for cash and both parents working full time, an electric bike could be the answer to all their money problems.

For small business owners, who need to deliver their products locally through Clean Air Zone, a PowerRide E-bike could be a cost-saving solution. The same goes for food delivery drivers, an E-bike could help them deliver faster and further!

If you think an electric bike could be the answer for solving your local Clean Air Zone issues, then head to our shop page now on our website to get your hands on a PowerRide E-bike today! Did you enjoy this blog? Read another one on our website or by clicking here.

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