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The Best Places in the UK to Ride an E-Bike

E-bikes are great fun, and there are many amazing locations in the UK to use them. Riding an e-bike holds the same laws as riding a regular bike, the only exception being you need to be over 14 years of age to ride one on a public highway. It is illegal to ride any bike, electric or not, on a pavement, unless it has an allocated cycle lane on it. You can ride an e-bike on any cycle lane, and on the road, but it is illegal to ride one on the motorway.

We want everyone to make the most of their e-bike and feel safe when they ride, whether it’s for commuting or leisure. Cycling infrastructure is developing rapidly making it easy to cycle safely alongside roads. There are plenty of parks with dedicated cycle routes, or just quiet routes away from pedestrians. If you’re stuck for route ideas, here’s a list of the best places to ride an e-bike in the UK.

Yorkshire Dales Cycleway

Yorkshire has some of the most stunning cycling routes and bridleways in the UK. It’s also a popular staycation hotspot amongst Britons and is becoming increasingly popular with cyclists from across the UK, offering an excellent location to explore the outdoors and countryside by bike. Sometimes the terrain can be quite hilly, but an e-bike will make the inclines feel effortless, meaning you have the energy to travel further. Our e-bikes have three levels of power assistance, so you can choose how much help you need getting up the hills.

Sherwood Forest, Nottingham

There are five different cycle routes and mountain bike trails at Sherwood Forest, based on different levels of difficulty and experience. The best ones to ride an e-bike on are; The Family Cycle Trail, The Adventure Trail and The Kitchener’s Trail.

The Family Cycle Trail is an easy 3-mile loop, which incorporates an introduction to the forest, and consists of a mix of quiet forest roads and slight off-road trails.

The Adventure Trail is a 6-mile loop and finishes on the Family Cycle Trail but provides the opportunity to try out off-road trails, and as the surface may be uneven, it’s a great time to kick start the e-bike motor.

The Kitchener’s Trail is approximately 8 miles long and is a fast single track trail that loops around the forest. The terrain can prove a physical challenge, but with an e-bike, it could be trouble-free. The route is aimed at high-level cyclists, so be aware of this if you decide to attempt it.

Wollaton Park Circular, Nottingham

Wollaton Park is not only a lovely place to visit the freely-roaming deer on the grounds, but the park has a family-orientated cycle route, with a few climbs but no challenging terrain. This route is perfect for families or beginners, as it is completely off-road and set within the grounds around the hall. The route is about four miles long and can take between one and two hours to complete, during which you could feed the ducks on the lake and finish at the cafe in the visitors centre.

Scottish Highlands, Fort William

If you're based north of the UK, the Scottish Highlands and lowland areas such as Lothian can provide beautiful scenery with their cycle routes. If you love the feeling of remoteness when cycling, this is the place for you. Visiting the Scottish Highlands means planning your routes, as it’s a large area, but with your e-bike, you can cycle further and for longer with the assistance of the motor. Fort William is home to a selection of biking trails, and a popular town in the area due to its location near the lochs - another scenic addition to your cycling route.

London Cycleways

London may be the last place you think of when it comes to riding an e-bike safely, but the city has some of the best, and most developed, cycle infrastructure in the UK. Transport for London has committed to creating 450km of new cycling routes by 2024. These routes will include ‘Cycle Superhighways’ and ‘Quietways’, which incorporate bike lanes into the existing road network, meaning these highways will prioritise over motor traffic.

If you’re wanting to try out the best places to ride an e-bike in the UK and are looking to purchase one today, visit our website here, and get yours today for £995 within 2 working days with free delivery.

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