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Electric Bikes Vs Traditional Bikes

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Research from Switzerland suggests that using an e-bike to commute to work every day is just as effective at tackling obesity as a traditional bike. Not only this there is evidence that e-bikes aren’t cheating!

The study carried out in Switzerland found that training with an e-bike is no less effective than training with a traditional bike. Along with this, the health benefits are comparable. Over the 4 week study, they found that using an e-bike gave improvements in riders cardiorespiratory fitness.

This research also greatly highlights the fun side of riding an e-bike, the participants managed to do longer bike rides, get up to higher speeds and tackle bigger hills than they would have on a traditional bike. This shows they were able to go on better and longer adventures without having to worry about struggling with the normal gears on a traditional bike. The study also strongly indicated that e-bikes increase motivation and help both overweight and older people to regularly exercise.

No matter what age you are, what fitness level or if you live in the city or the countryside having an e-bike will motivate you to get moving.

Is riding an e-bike cheating?

The simple answer is no. A study carried out in 2019, showed that e-bikes are an excellent form of exercise, with the heart rates of those riding an e-bike being 93.6% of those riding a traditional bike. Along with this, the study showed that the e-bike riders didn’t feel as tired or worn out as those who were riding a traditional bike. This shows that when riding an e-bike you’re working just as hard as when riding a traditional bike but not feeling as tired. This is why many people opt to use an e-bike for their daily commutes as they can get to work quickly, have a workout and turn up to work not feeling sweaty and flustered.

So there you have it, although traditional bikes are great If you’re looking for a way to get fit with ease then an e-bike is for you. To find out more about e-bikes head over to our blog ‘Electric bikes Explained’ now.

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