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The growth of the e-bike

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. The technology on e-bikes has become much cheaper and accessible than ever before. Hence why they’ve become much more popular with commuters, leisure cyclists and even mountain bikers.

The increase in e-bikes on the road seems to be the answer to becoming more focused on their health and fitness, as well as the environment. Ultimately, people in urban areas are now looking to ditch their cars and replace them with an environmentally friendly alternative like an e-bike.

The age-old e-bikes

You may be surprised to hear that electric bikes are not a new thing. Although they have become much more popular and widely available only in recent years. However, the concept of an e-bike has actually been known for over 100 years.

20th Century Bikes

Although electric bike concepts originated much earlier than you may have first thought, they created the perfect starting point for e-bikes today. In 1989, Yamaha built one of the first official e-bike prototypes which they then went on to create the first pedal-assist system in 1993. From then, the production of e-bikes worldwide grew massively between 1993 - 2004. However, around this time, the more affordable e-bikes used clunky batteries rather than the more expensive Li-ion battery options.

The continued growth of the e-bike market

This growing number of global e-bike sales could mean that you’ll be seeing a lot more e-bikes on the streets and on the roads. In fact, the total number of e-bikes in circulation will be double the amount of those from just 4 years ago.

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