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How to Carry Your Kit When Cycling

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

It might be your first thought when going out for a bike ride that it’s better to have what you don’t need than to need what you don’t have, but it’s easy to overpack when gathering together your kit for a ride. This blog will discuss the options you have for carrying your kit with the advantages and disadvantages explained for each one.


A backpack is one of the most popular ways to carry your kit for a ride but can be easy to overpack and carry more than you need. The key thing to remember is; if you can’t fit it in a backpack, you don’t need it. It can be warmer carrying a backpack and can make your hydration contents heat up while cycling, just make sure your backpack fits you well to ensure you’re well-balanced on your bike.


A bumbag is smaller and is neater while cycling as it stays in place with just one strap and sits on your back out of the way. They keep your contents and kit cooler but can be more uncomfortable having a strap tight around your waist.


These are one of the most minimal forms of attaching your kit to your bike. They are small and will work to strap your pump and tools to your frame, however, they could get muddly as they are lower down on the bike. As they are Velcro, they are reusable which is an advantage and can be easily machine washed to be cleaned.

Bottle Cage

The bottle cage and frame straps make the perfect combination for carrying your kit and are more suited for a shorter ride. You can also use your bottle cage to carry other areas of your kit, just make sure to strap it in place.


A saddlebag is one of the smaller bag options for carrying your kit. It keeps it out the way but could get dirty while on a muddle ride. It wouldn’t fit anything extra in than the necessary tools and wallet, so consider a second option to carry your pump.


If you’re going to use your pockets to carry your kit, just make sure they have zips. Pockets save you from over packing and carrying an extra bag, but they can provide discomfort if something is digging into you on the inside.

Cable Ties and Tape

These are the simplest form of attaching your kit, however, they are a single-use option unlike the rest of them. Tape can have multi-uses in case you have a puncture, and cable ties can be incredibly secure, but also very difficult to remove. It may be worth carrying scissors too, just don’t cable tie them on!

We hope you’ve found this blog helpful and managed to solve any dilemmas you had regarding how to carry your kit on a ride. If you want to read more of our blogs to learn more about cycling tips and e-bikes, click here.

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