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E-bikes aren’t cheating!

With e-bikes having a bike motor and battery, many people seem to think you’re not getting the most out of the exercise side of things. But that’s just a myth, e-bikes aren’t cheating. A new study has been carried out to prove this.

Many people forget that the battery and motor on an e-bike only provides assistance when you pedal. Without pedalling there is now power. The more you pedal the more calories you burn, just like a conventional bike. Depending on the power you put into pending also depends on the power the bike will provide you with.

The study compared users of both bikes and e-bikes when riding in the same environment for the same amount of distance.

Within this study they found that:

Heart rate was just the same if not more

The study showed that e-bikes are an excellent form of exercise, with the heart rates of those riding an e-bike being 93.6% of those riding a conventional bike. Not only this the study showed that those riding an e-bike didn’t feel as if they had carried out a workout even though there heart rates and fitness levels said differently, meaning the bikes allow you to have a great work out without causing exhaustion.

E-bikes provide an easy form of exercise

As mentioned before, e-bikes allow you to exercise without feeling as if you’re exercising. With a little help from the bike motor, you’ll move at a faster speed. Allowing you to travel a longer distance with the same effort you would use to ride a conventional bike, helping you burn up to 80% more calories than normal.

An e-bike is perfectly suited for any fitness type and age. The battery and motor power allow additional help but still allows you to meet your physical fitness.

E-bikes aren’t just a great form of exercise but they help you exercise to your full potential without leaving you feeling exhausted. If you want to get your hands on an e-bike, shop our range today. If you want to find out more about e-bikes check out our blog on Electric-bikes explained.

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