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E-bike riders get more exercise than cyclists!

Many people have questioned if having an e-bike means they aren’t getting the most out of the exercise. However, a new study has found that e-bike riders get more exercise than cyclists! Within this blog, we will explain why.

Using an e-bike results in more exercise

E-bikes have become more and more popular over the past year and also more affordable. This has created a larger base of e-bike riders, which helped the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives journal carry out a study in which they followed over ten thousand e-bike riders across Europe.

The researchers determined that the average energy used from different types of transport including pedal bikes, walking, driving and e-bikes. The study also looked at how often the participants spend doing these activities. It found that those who used e-bikes were slightly more active on their bikes compared to those with a pedal bike. This is due to the fact that e-bike riders are more comfortable doing longer journeys on their bikes. The study found that they can support the idea that an e-bike is a healthy and sustainable option for transport.

For a regular cyclist, this might not be the news you wanted to hear, however, the study did find that those who use an e-bike are more likely not to be avid cyclists or are older with the average age being 48.1 years compared to a pedal bike cyclist being of the average age of 41.4 years. This tells us that e-bikes allow those who haven’t been keen on cycling in the past, are now able to make the most of cycling with a little help from their e-bike.

Why e-bikes?

If you are thinking about or already own an e-bike you’ll be happy to know that you are most likely getting just as much exercise or even more as those cycling with a pedal bike. Many cyclists will spend an extra 3 thousand pounds to shave off 200 grams off the weight of the bikes, but this isn’t important for e-bike riders. Those who ride an e-bike are simply enjoying getting around on their affordable bikes, which allows them to travel further without the extra strain on their fitness.

This study has found that there are many benefits to owning an e-bike. It can get you out and about if you struggle with exercise, help you travel further distances and is also great for the environment!

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